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Today we started our mapping training in tandale and went out for mapping. training consist of community members and university student of ardhi, tandale has six(6) wards namely Pakacha,Mtogole,Kwa tumbo,Sokoni,Muharatani and Mkunduge. basically what we did is we tried to mix university student and the community so as we can come up with six (6)groups, gender was observed. we eventually mapped most of the wards to us was succes, tommorrow will continue mapping exercise.

Tandale Mapping Forum: Pictorial

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Today 9.08.2011 finally we were able to conduct community forum in tandale dar esalaam, our main aim was to introduce use of participatory tecnology for development in tandale by producing a base map and stating community media initiatives.

The forum was well attended with both the community and Ardhi university student. the concept was welcomed well.