Get Involved!

Want to learn more about Map Kibera, or thinking about doing similar work?

First off – Don’t be shy. We know we’ve posted a lot of material online, but we can never capture it all. We can help you get started, help you think through your project, or just link up so that the network can grow. If our work has inspired you, don’t hesitate to contact us, even just to let us know what you’re up to! We love to cross-pollinate this way.

For more complete assistance, Map Kibera’s founders (Mikel and Erica) created  GroundTruth Initiative to help spread the ideas behind Map Kibera and work around the world. How? There are a few possibilities for engagement:
– Informal advising – we can help your project succeed!
– Hire us as consultants for more in-depth design, implementation, etc. More on this here.
– We can partner on new stuff entirely

Map Kibera members are also very interested to train and work with others, and as the Map Kibera Trust develops there will be more systematic ways to engage. Especially if you’re in East Africa or nearby, it’s a great idea to get in touch with us.

Contact GroundTruth:

Contact the Map Kibera team: