Election Day in Mathare, Tense but Complete

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At nearly 5am Nairobi time, the day after the vote. Like in Kibera, Mathare polling stations saw long lines and equipment malfunctions. The situation was reported as being more tense, following some isolated incidents of violent attacks and conflict (not clearly related to the election), but overall the polls operated without major problems.

In summary, in Mathare:

The morning started with vuvuzelas and optimism.

ngei ward,voters started visiting the A.I.P.C.A. n LIONS clinic poling stations as early as 3.30a.m.some even decided to wake up the resdnts by vuvuzelas,whistles n also screaming.

The response was marvelous as compared with the previous general elections, which indicate that Kenyans were really out for a change. The multitude was witnessed by large stretch of queues all over the poling stations within mathare constituency. The government ensured tight security with regular police, provincial administration, GSU, Kenyan prison, and NYS.there was also aerial surveillance with regular rounds of police chopper which indicated that security was beefed up. There were no serious matter reported from either sides or any group which was reported to have chaos of any nature.

Soon, mechanical problems and long lines, led to frustrations.

Voters are stranded at Utalii ward drive inn polling station the machine has some problem whereby the machine is not displaying names of the voter

Voters at hospital ward are angry with the IEBC staff as they are not organized and some voters are not going to vote due slowness of the staff

Nevertheless, voting proceeded with organization, security was present and arrangements were made for women with children and the elderly to move ahead in line.

One person was murdered, two robberies were reported, and there was some conflict between landlords and tenants. Unfortunately, not unusual for Mathare. The incidents didn’t spread into a larger conflict.

One person has been confirmed be stabbed several times this morning and he is in a critical condition. The incidence has just happened in the same same place where the other incidence happened.One person who did not want his name to be disclosed said it is politically motivated.

landlords and tenants conflict is rising up again in some parts of mathare,kiamaiko,mabatini n huruma wardds. some landlords are hiking rent,others are asking tenants out claiming they want to renovate the houses.other landlords are askng for I.D.number of the tenants.some tenants are also sayng that if it continues they wont pay rent.this is creating tension in residential areas.

Two robberies experiencing at polling stations in Mathare this morning. A woman and a girl were robbed in broad daylight at Kiboro primary school and St. Theresa girls secondary respectively. Passengers at Albadir petrol station are asked to be cautious as they pass that route

Polling stations closed, with some voters still waiting in queue. There were some reports of inappropriate use of credentials for jumping the queue and campaigning near a polling station.

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