Map Kibera has had the privilege of working with progressive researchers of all levels of experience. Our core principle is that residents of slums like Kibera should directly access, generate and benefit from information produced in their community. For research, this boils down to
  • Design in Partnership
  • Contribute concretely to the research subject
  • Complement ongoing projects and schedule
  • Avoid Survey Fatigue
  • Publish data and results open access
Read more on the Research Principles of Map Kibera, and contact us for if you are interested in working with us.

Research highlights of Map Kibera.

MIT Press Innovations. Mapping Change by Erica Hagen

ODTA. How-To Note on Community Mapping for Better Services by Jennifer Shkabatur

IDS. Mediating Voices and Communicating Realities by Evangelia Berdou

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. Seeing Like a Slum. Towards Open, Deliberative Development by Kevin Donovan

Full list here