Youth make up all our coordinators and active members.

Joshua Ogure
Map Kibera Trust Coordinator
Joshua is currently the general manager for the Trust. He also leads the Kibera News Network, reporting news and making video stories about Kibera. Joshua started with the Trust in 2010 as a citizen journalist trainee.

Zack Wambua
Lead Mapper
Zack started with Map Kibera in the initial mapping team in 2009. He's now the lead technical mapper with the team.

Lucy Fondo
Lucy has been a mapper with Map Kibera since its inception in 2009.

Douglas Namale
Douglas started mapping with the first Map Kibera group in 2009. He also contributes blog posts occassionally and is a local journalist.

Steve Banner
Video Journalist, KNN
Steve has been a part of KNN since it began in 2010. He is now the primary video editor, and works camera as well.

Jacob Ouma
Camera person, KNN
Jacob has been working with KNN since 2010.