Mukuru Conclusion and Beginnings

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Mukuru has maps!

Map Mukuru Map Distribution

Map Mukuru Map Distribution

Late last year, Map Kibera formally wrapped up work under the UN Habitat Youth Fund. This small grant gave the members of Map Kibera Trust themselves the space to implement a mapping project from start to finish. From project design, budgeting, entry into the community, training, data collection, community meetings and discussion, map design, and distribution … from start to finish, the guys from Kibera and Mukuru have led the process. A learning experience, so it took a little more time than expected. The results are great, Mukuru is mapped, the members have grown incredibly, and the slum continues to be one of the three active areas for the Trust. So thank you to UN Habitat.

Here’s a look back at the story so far in Mukuru:

Videos cover of events and training

And of course the maps.

You can download the maps and data here. And on OpenStreetMap.

Map Kibera: Ready for the Elections!

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Map Kibera has been working hard for the past several months to be ready for this Monday’s historic election. What are our team members doing to promote transparency and accurate information in the slums during the elections? Read on and follow us during the election in Kibera, Mathare, on Twitter and Facebook!

  • We have every member plus extra trained volunteers reporting by SMS from every polling station in Mathare and Kibera, and some in Mukuru slum. They’ll be out and about with special t-shirts and press badges looking for important news. Their reports will appear on Voice of Kibera and Voice of Mathare throughout election day. Reports will be approved by the coordinators of each team, who will also verify. We welcome anyone to send in your reports to (0726300400 – include location word Kibera or Mathare)! Reports are also integrated with Uchaguzi.
  • Kibera News Network and Map Mathare video team will be providing video coverage of polling in Kibera and Mathare. They’ll be editing and uploading throughout the day. KNN has already produced a number of election related videos such as one on one interviews with the local MP candidates, and Mathare has also covered some important events. Screenings will be taking place locally this weekend. Also, expect continual election coverage over the next week.
  • Coordination: Recently, the Kibera Civic Watch Consortium was launched to bring unprecedented coordination among community media and civic organizations in Kibera. Members include Pamoja FM and KCODA. Map Kibera has also built networks with first responders, national security officials, peace organizations and other important groups to access, contribute, and respond to information coming in during the election period.
  • Election maps have been created and distributed by our teams. These maps show the boundaries of each ward, previously not known to most slum residents, and marking their polling stations. These maps have been distributed widely to great fanfare in Kibera and this weekend the Mathare team will be covering distribution of their map throughout the slum. This voter information drive will help ensure that everyone knows where and how to vote. Look for upcoming separate post with downloadable maps.
  • Several weeks ago, our Security Map was painted on a prominent wall in Kibera demonstrating the likely places for insecurity and safe spaces.
  • Longer form blogging about the election will also be updated and can be found on the Voice of Kibera blog, and Voice of Mathare blog. These stories also will appear as reports on the Ushahidi sites.

Rising Voices coverage of Map Kibera

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Andrea Arzaba with Yvonne Tiany in Mathare

As mentioned in a previous post, we were privileged to have guests from Global Voices visiting the Kibera and Mathare programs on July 1. The intention wasn’t only to share Map Kibera with them, but to work together on some interesting local stories for Rising Voices and our own media sites.

Rising Voices is a great initiative by Global Voices to “extend the benefits and reach of citizen media by connecting online media activists around the world and supporting their best ideas.” The authors of the posts below are part of this project and come from all corners of the globe, where they blog about important local issues. For many of them, the opportunity to travel to the Global Voices Summit is a rare chance to see this part of the world and learn about how Kenyans are practicing citizen journalism like themselves.

Five fantastic posts have so far been written by our visitors, who explored topics in Mathare and Kibera that were of interest to them. One great summary post written by the director of Rising Voices, Eddie Avila, sums up the experience.

Here are some great Flickr photo sets from our visitors, too:

Kibera photos by Laura Schneider.

Mathare photos by Andrea Arzaba.


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