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Community mapping

The teams to participate in the mapping of Tandale Ward were sub-divided into small teams of 6 – 8 people per group.  Each team was expected to go out into the community and map points of interest mainly physical features. In the team I was involved in, I was tasked with the responsibility of guiding both the community members and Ardhi University student on how to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) and flip camera.

Women were fully engaged in the mapping exercise and use of video camera. Unfortunately the equipment were few and we had to use them at different time. This increased communication between group members. The mapping exercise took 2 hours of both mapping and taking of videos.

Due to time constrain, we spent a few minutes in editing. We are expected to resume editing of the maps on Thursday morning. For Muslim women participating in the programme, this affected their level of energy and commitment at home. Maybe next time we should consider holding the event on a different date. I also noticed that women had very many commitment compared with men participating the mapping. It will have been good to consider different time for women to map their community.

Lucy Fondo

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