Guest blogger – Nathaniel Canuel, a videographer

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Mathare & Kibera video teams

“I want to learn how to make video for a wedding.“ Joel told me. Joel is one of the “students” who come for the Map Mathare video training. Joel is 65.

We have had an open door policy for this program and it has been interesting seeing who comes for every class and who shows up once, never to be seen again. Some you can tell are fascinated but are too shy to get hands on. We felt that it was important that the students decide what kind of videos they want to work on.

First we went through what it takes to come up with the concept of a video. This is called Pre-Production. We went through Pre Production, Production and Post production. After six classes, the students had put together three videos covering a variety of issues surrounding their communities: the lack of toilets, broken sewers which plague the streets and land grabbing which leads to non existent playing room for children. One more video is being edited about poor road conditions and the high level of accidents.

I started making videos 16 years ago. I only wish I could say my first videos were as impressive as the ones these bright students have put together. Their videos are colorful, interesting and evoking. I can only imagine what these guys will be capable of if they continue showing interest.

We will be doing some more videos similar to the ones they have just finished but we will also be drawing on their imaginations because video is one of the most powerful tools for exploiting ones vision, ideas and purpose. I look forward to seeing where they will take it. And I hope Joel will be with us along the way.


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